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MPO is a web based payroll application that allows small and medium sized businesses to manage their own payroll easily and effortlessly. The system automatically calculates all statutory taxes on the employee’s payslips and assists the employer to comply with all statutory requirements.

The advantage is the simplicity, it allows employers to set-up and manages their own payroll including all statutory taxes (PAYE, UIF, SDL, WCI, etc.), employees leave, employee loans, etc.

The system is flexible and suits all employer types whether your pay cycles are weekly, fortnightly or monthly, and allows you to process and access your payroll information the way you want. Various reports from statutory reports like the monthly EMP201 return, monthly UIF return, WCI, IRP5’s to leave and loan reports assist the employer to manage his payroll and comply with statutory requirements.

Additional features includes the build-in Employee Schedule and Time and Attendance Register built into the system designed for employers with a labour intensive workforce to help them manage their employee’s scheduling and attendance on a daily basis and saves them time on payday.

Registered with Bankserve and Netcash
Bankserve and Netcash

Server hosted by Hetzner. Established in 1999 and is South Africa's largest hosting company


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  • Weekly, fortnightly and monthly cycles
  • Generate reports
  • Always up to date
  • SARS e@syFile compatible
  • Build-in Employee Scheduling
  • Build-in Time and Attendance Register